Pro-life information leads to a pro-life culture, which saves lives and souls!

The website provides information about the Marches for Life held throughout the world.

Our goal is to encourage people from everywhere to get involved in organizing more and more Marches for Life, because we firmly believe these events have tremendous effect in raising awareness on life issues and publicly affirm the need to protect the life of the most vulnerable human persons: children in their mothers’ wombs. Marches for Life provide the perfect opportunity to encourage mothers and fathers to choose life for their children, not only in their children’s best interest, but also for the whole mankind’s sake.

The website has been set up at the initiative of Romanian NGO „Studenți pentru viață” (Students for life) in 2016 as an answer to the growing need for international coordination of pro-life and pro-family movements. It has been made by ProValori Media, a Romanian NGO dedicated supporting valuable initiatives, especially pro-life and pro-family ones.

If there is one asset that the pro-abortion and anti-family movement has – which helps it win every time against the pro-life and pro-family movement –, that is the fact that they act as a single body everywhere in the world. For instance, Dr. Gosnell’s trial (2010-2013) had no press coverage in Romania – except for the two existing pro-life websites – and this is likely the case in most countries other than the US. On the other hand, Savita Halappnavar’s case (2012-2013), which was manipulated to undermine the unborn child’s right to life, enjoyed ample coverage in the Romanian media – and most likely in other countries, too.

We welcome all the help in finishing this website.

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Please note that this website is information-only and it does not aim to represent or coordinate the global Marches for Life in any way.